Tuesday, November 12, 2013

new ideas need inspiration

So I am not under the false impression that this blog is going to get any traffic or anything. I just want to write.
I am an undergraduate creative writing major, and my list of usable writing samples is frankly so short it makes the future look bleak. I need some help.
So instead of using microsoft word to help me write (just the thought of a blank word document gives me a headache), I am going to put it all here. I am not going to blog about my life. I probably will, however, give you my unwarranted opinion about things, mostly about books or poems... or just whatever I am thinking about. But I'll make those posts as infrequent as possible. This is just a blind hope that change in scenery will give me motivation.
Because I rarely have novel ideas (pun intended), I tend to write a lot of pieces that are based off of other people's work. That is a nice way of saying I write fanfiction. If you have a problem with fanfiction, this is my way of telling you, you won't like my writing. Nine out of every ten times I write, it's fanfiction.

So, all that nonsense being said, if you like reading fanfiction or amateur short stories, this is a good place to stick around! I am obsessed with constructive criticism, so please don't be shy.